By Joshua

1. Structuring Your Day: The Power of Routine

The first step towards becoming an 'Unusual Developer' is to have a clear understanding of your daily routine.

Open your calendar, whether it's Notion, Google Calendar, or another platform, and schedule all your activities, including those you aspire to.

Use every moment, such as an hour-long commute, which can be the perfect opportunity to engage with a podcast or an audiobook on topics like architecture or coding practices.

When you account for your time you'll soon realize how much you don't have.

After scheduling your activities, focus on your daily goals. Identify concepts you want to learn or questions to ask a senior developer or tech lead.

It's about deliberately defining your daily and weekly objectives, ensuring you have a clear roadmap to evolve into the developer you aspire to be. Time is precious, and this method helps you make the most of it.

2. Commit to Daily Engineering

Studies have shown that repeated practice can increase brain volume in specific areas. So, the more you practice problem-solving and reasoning, the more your brain develops.

Daily engineering might involve working on a personal project, practicing on coding platforms, or engaging in online courses.

The key is consistency, as even a 1% daily improvement can lead to substantial progress over time.

Check out this notion template to help you track your habits and level up your day as a developer.

3. Developer Quest: Setting Ambitious Goals

Each month, set a bold, ambitious goal that pushes you out of your comfort zone. It could be anything from designing a complex system to creating a simple game.

Review this goal at the end of the month, ensuring it aligns with your aspirations.

4. Atomic or Unusual in Practice

Embrace small, incremental changes during the coding process. Resist the urge to overhaul everything and focus on making essential modifications.

Note potential improvements and concentrate on the immediate task. This disciplined approach not only streamlines development but also enhances product quality.

5. Proactive Code Reviews

Regularly examine code within your company, looking for optimization opportunities.

When you find areas for improvement, don't just stop there; write an analysis or develop a code piece to demonstrate improvements. 

This habit fosters a collaborative environment where developers feel more familiar with code, both within and across teams.

To assist you further, I've provided a Notion template based on these strategies. This template is entirely free to use. For those new to Notion, there's also an affiliate link to get you started.

Check out my video for my favorite books for software engineers.

Remember, the journey to becoming an 'Atomic Developer' is ongoing. It's about constantly seeking ways to refine your skills and processes. Hope you gained some ideas to help you out, and don't forget to leverage the resources for the developer os!

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