Spring Security with React

Do you want to really know Spring Security?

Spring Security: Transforming Java Coders into Spring Security enthusiast.

Unlock the secrets of Spring Security. Are you aspiring to proficiency? Are you tired of sifting through generic courses? Let's dive into a transformative journey.

Hey there, I'm Josh đź‘‹

Remember the time when securing a Java application felt like decoding an enigma? I was there, too. I was an avid coder, but the application security world felt like an uphill battle.

Starting with the basics of Spring Security, I realized that the realm of securing apps was vast and intricate. And, while numerous courses touched the surface, mastering the art of Spring Security remained inaccessible and mysterious.

Juggling my day job, I spent sleepless nights, poured over countless resources, and sought mentorships to unravel the mysteries of OAuth2, JWTs, microservice security, and much more.

I had my 'eureka' moment a year into this relentless pursuit. I secured our firm's applications and started consulting, helping new coders and applications for companies fortify their digital infrastructures.

Having helped secure applications, I'm on a mission to share this treasure trove of knowledge.

So, what's the secret sauce to learning Spring Security?

The journey from a novice to a security maestro isn't about sporadic learning but a structured approach:

Master Spring Security: Secure Java Apps, APIs and Microservices

This hands-on course provides a comprehensive, practical foundation in Spring Security for building secure Java applications.

Through real-world examples, you’ll learn how to properly authenticate users, authorize access, encrypt data, and protect applications using industry-standard techniques.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Core Spring Security concepts like authentication, authorization and data protection
  2. Applying OAuth2, OpenID Connect, JWTs for API security
  3. Enabling SSO and microservice security with Keycloak
  4. Encrypting communications and data with SSL
  5. Securing web applications, REST APIs and microservices
  6. Integrating Spring Security with React and other frontends
  7. And more! I'll update the course on an on going basis.

The structured curriculum covers fundamental theory then quickly moves to implementation. You’ll gain key skills through hands-on coding exercises and building real projects.

In-depth modules explore:

Spring Security Basics
Learn core concepts like authorization vs authentication, securing endpoints, login/logout, and protecting data.

Authentication & Authorization
Apply standards like OAuth2, OpenID, JWTs. Integrate identity providers like Okta.

Securing Full-Stack Apps
Properly secure Spring Boot backends and React SPAs with industry patterns.

Microservice Security

Implement centralized authN/authZ for services with Keycloak. Secure inter-service communication.

Advanced Topics
Enable SSL, test security, and learn how Spring manages security.

The course culminates in a final project applying all the skills into a production-ready secure application showcasing your new expertise.

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Here's What You Get

An Action Plan Tailored for Success

Under the guidance of Joshua Matos, an experienced software developer, you'll embark on a structured journey into full-stack development. This course is meticulously designed to cover both Spring Boot and React, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of these powerful technologies. You'll learn how to build robust back-end systems and engaging front-end interfaces, integrating them seamlessly for fully functional applications.

Video Course Content for Lifelong Learning

Gain lifetime access to a wealth of video content, enabling you to progress at your own pace and revisit key concepts as needed. Each module is crafted to build upon the previous, ensuring a cohesive and in-depth learning experience. From the fundamentals to advanced topics, every aspect of full-stack development is covered, ensuring you're well-equipped to tackle real-world projects.

Ongoing Support from Joshua Matos and Our Developer Community (Coming soon)

Enrolling in this course also grants you access to exclusive live Q&A sessions with Joshua Matos, providing personalized guidance and clarifying any doubts. Additionally, you become part of a vibrant community of fellow developers in our dedicated online forum. Here, you can share insights, seek advice, and grow alongside like-minded professionals who are also on their full-stack development journey.

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