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Spring Boot and React Essentials

Learn the essentials.


Hello, I'm Josh. Whether stepping into the software domain, considering a career transition, or an existing developer aiming to expand your skill set and connect with like-minded peers, you've landed in the right place.

Course Overview:

Delve into the world of full-stack development, focusing on Spring Boot and React. This course will give you the knowledge and confidence to design, integrate, and deploy applications.

What You'll Learn:

  • Backend Building Blocks: Understand the core principles of Spring Boot to develop powerful applications.
  • Frontend Design: Craft engaging UIs using React, focusing on the fundamentals.
  • Essential Security: Get acquainted with the basics of Spring Security to ensure your apps are safe.
  • Coding Best Practices: Embrace industry standards and design patterns for efficient coding.

Course Structure:

  • Collective Learning: Engage in a structured yet interactive environment, benefiting from shared growth.
  • Regular Feedback: Connect with weekly touchpoints, incorporating feedback to refine your skills.
  • Practical Approach: Delve into user stories, grounding your learning in real-world situations.

Why Enroll?

This isn't merely a course—it's a bridge to the evolving tech world. Whether you're venturing into new software realms, honing your existing skills, or seeking a tech community, this is where your next chapter begins.

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Your Weekly Mentorship & Community Support

🔍 Direct Guidance with Josh:

Every week, I'll be right there with you. Whether you're wrestling with a concept or need a quick tip on a project you're working on, my weekly touchpoints are dedicated to ensuring you're on the right track. It's like having a mentor by your side, guiding you through the complexities of full-stack development.

👥 Join the Full-Stack Community:

You're not in this alone. Enrolling in this course connects you with an enthusiastic community of peers. Share ideas, collaborate on projects, or chat about the latest in software engineering. It's not just about learning; it's about growing together in a vibrant, supportive environment.

Together, with consistent mentorship and an engaged community, we ensure your learning experience is immersive, interactive, and incredibly enriching.